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'Harmonica" in original box with the original vintage display and 
the original plastic. Made by Hohner. U.S.A. 1964

Harmonica box with Beatles pictures.

George and Paul's name are switched on box.

The measure of the box is 10.7cm x 3.3cm x 2.5cm( 4.2" x 1.3" x 1"inches);
no writing, no split, no tears, very light wear around the box.

The original box is in Excellent+ to Near Mint condition
(no writing; no split; no tears; very light wear around the box).

The original Hohner Harmonica is in Excellent+ condition
(nothing brocken; no dent; very light wear; no rust).


The original vintage fold out display and original plastic are
in excellent condition.
Inside are the instruction of two Beatles Songs.
This display has no writing; no tears; no stains; the front red

colour on the left side is a little bid faded.

The left, top and right sides of the plastic are open.

You can put the harmonica and the box from top under

the plastic.
The plastic is in excellent condition.
Two very small holes in two corners, plastic is complete

no parts are missing or broken.


Comes with two copy prints of Beatles harmonica ad's.

'Harmonica" in original box with mega rare original display.

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