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'Guitar', 'New Beat' Manufactured by Selcol UK. An orange and burgundy plastic

1960s toy four-string guitar.

This guitar has a group sticker on front, also an front are facsimile prints of all

four Beatles autographs.

The 'New Beat' logo is picked out in silver to the left of the sound hole.


This guitar has four strings, four tuning pegs and the original red/black strap.

This guitar comes in the original box.

The plastic is bright and clean, all parts are original, no parts are missing, no cracks or splits.

Measures approximately 83cm(32.5 inches) in length.

Comes with the original 8 pages 'Beatles Guitar Instruction and Song Chart'.

Condition: Guitar is excellent+, the original box is very good.


'Guitar', 'New Beat' Manufactured by Selcol, UK.

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