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Christmas Fan Club Flexi 1969, This rare two-sided, 33 & 1/3 flexi-disc was mailed out to

UK fan club member only in December 1969.


Recorded separately by each Beatles and put together by legendary Radio 1 disc-jockey
friend Kenny Everett. Pressed & printed by Lyntone Records LYN 1970/1


Housed in its original flipback colour picture cover designed by Ringo & his son Zak.

In the 1969 Christmas Fan Club flexi disc’s is no Newsletter present.



The flexi is visual near mint to mint
(no marks; no scratches; no hairlines).

The flexi is audio near mint
(no clicks; no jumps; no repeats)

The label is near mint
(no writing; no wear; no missing paper; no stains).

The sleeve is near mint to mint
(no writing; no split; no tears; no pin holes; no missing paper; no stains).

Christmas Fan Club Flexi 1969, Lyntone Records LYN 1970/1

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