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An original vintage Hofner Violin Beatles Bass 500/1 from Germany 1964 / 65.

No reissue !!!!!!

All parts of these Bass guitar are 100% original.

No parts are changed.

Electronics have been tested and works perfect.
This bass is beautiful!! It is in excellent+ condition for its age.

It has been adjusted, cleaned and serviced by a professional technician.

I opened the control area and read the codes on the potentiometers.
One was 250 (ohm) - 65 the other was also 250 (ohm) - 65.
It was stated that the last digit referred to the production year (therefore 1965)...and
the first one digits referred to the week of production within that year.
Therefore 6 = 6th week of 1965, approx mid February 1965.

The finish is original and there are no cracks or breaks in the instrument.
There are any light seams in the lacquer.

The bass plays and sounds killer with a very nice straight neck and great sounding original Hofner pickups.

This Hofner Beatles Bass is all over in excellent+ condition.
A great vintage piece of history and an excellent investment.


It comes with a black leather hard case for safety shipping.
The condition of this hard case is excellent.

I will packing this Hofner Bass very well into the case

and than into a big heavy carton.
I had send in the past any guitars oversea in strong

big heavy cartons and nothing is damage.

Vintage Höfner 500/1 Beatles Bass, original 1964 incl. hard case.

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