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Three George Harrison business checks.

The first check is from the Trade Development Bank London, datet 18. October 1984,
and is for Guy D. Tannahill for the value of GBP52.00
Underneath the value 'George Harrison (Expense A/C)' is printed.

The second check is from the American Express Bank, datet 25. August 1988,
and is for British Telecom PLC for the value of GBP1081.72
Underneath the value 'Harrisongs LTD NO 2 A/C' is printed.


The third check is from the American Express Bank, datet 22. December 1988,
and is for County Cars for the value of GBP89.40
Underneath the value 'G Harrison Expense A/C' is printed.


All three checks are signed by George’s personal accountant Lucy Rigo.


The condition of all three checks is near mint to mint.

Three George Harrison Business checks.

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