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'Sunglasses'; Manufactured by 'Filtral' in Germany 1966; a original vintage set of
one white and one black
plastic Beatles sunglasses.
n one arm of each sunglasses you can read "Beatles Style" in gold letters.

These sunglasses were advertised on the rear side of the two German 7" record sleeves
'Michelle / Girl', Odeon O 23 152, Germany 1966 and 'Paperback Writer / Rain',
Odeon O 23 210, Germany 1966


The condition of both sunglasses is mint and they comes in his original
cellophan plastic bag

Both sunglasses comes with a 8 inches x 12 inches(20cm x 30cm) photo collage(see scan).


'Sunglasses', very rare, manufactured by 'Filtral' in Germany 1966.

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