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'Beatles In Germany' is a profound pictorial document of that bond between
The Beatles and their 'guardian' country: from their first trip to Hamburg in 1960
to a national tour and John's film work in 1966.

Containing rare and unseen photographs of The Beatles accompanied by a

full length commentary, Astrid Kirchherr and photographer Günter Zint

also add their recollections to the book.

The book is also personally signed by Tony Sheridan, Günter Zint and Ulf Krüger.
Among these gems, all superbly reproduced, are the classic Top Ten Club photographs

by Peter Brüchmann and the unseen Günter Zint Bravo-Blitztournee images.

B.I.G. includes a special chapter by Tony Sheridan, singer on 'My Bonnie',

The Beatles' first record.

In addition, you will also own an item of genuine Sixties Beatles memorabilia.

An original German gingerbread topper (size 146 x 142 mm) is pasted into

each copy of the book.

Four pages of specially-made stamps of German Beatles memorabilia are also included.
These stamps have been made for, and are only available with this book.

This book is No 493 of 1750 limited edition copies.

Conditions: The book and all insert are in mint condition.
One piece on the top of the plastic case is brocken but repaired. See last scan.


Genesis Book 'B.I.G.' Beatles In Germany.

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