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'Figurine' mega rare original Yellow Submarine Ringo StarrPorcelain Figurine manufactured by 'Goebel' in Germany 1968.

One of the rarest (and most expensive) of the original 1968 Yellow Submarine merchandise items were the porcelain figurines of John, Paul, George and Ringo made by Goebel in Germany, which were manufactured specifically for the US market.

Purportedly no more than 100 sets were made at the time (with one set going to each

of the Beatles, and a set each to Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall).

A much larger edition of replicas was produced in 2005, but this Ringo Starr is a 1968 original ! The figurine stands 21.7cm(8.8 inches) and is in very good+ condition.
Both feet have been restored. Unfortunately, the same shade of gray was not used.

The finish retains its original glaze and the hand applied paint is bright and fresh.
With the original imprinted mark in the foot bittoms ('Bull 307' on the right, '1968'

on the left), and the Goebel Stylized Bee Three Line mark from the 1960s also on the left.


This mega rare original Ringo Starr Porcelain Figurine is in very good+ condition.


'Figurine' mega rare original Porcelain Figurine manufactured by 'Goebel'.

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