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'Fan Club Posters', a set of three original vintage souvenir posters issued by the Official
UK Beatles Fan Club
in the 1960's.

1967 features a group image from the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band photo shoot.

1968 features a portrait image of the group.
1969 features an image of the group taken in the Tittenhurst Park.

This very rare Fan Club poster set comes with an original official Beatles Fan Club Newsletter No. 11 - Summer 1968.
This Newsletter say on the rear side '1968 Summer Bonus: Free Colour Photo Poster'.

Each poster has been Machine folded and measures
76cm x 51cm(30 inches x 20 inches).
The conditions of the posters are: Excellent+ to Near Mint

The measures of the original Beatles Fan Club Newsletter is:
25cm x 19cm(10 inches x 7.5 inches).
The condition is very good, see scans.

'Fan Club Posters', a set of three original souvenir posters, UK 60's.

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