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'Dress' Made in Holland 1964. White fabric with blue stripes;
three bars of
music with Beatles Songs and two crossed necks guitars.

Faces of the Beatles are inside the curry guitars with autographs at bottom.


This dress comes with the original very rare 'The Beatles - Dress' tag / label.

This tag say ‘The Beatles’ - Dress Authorized Design Copyright N.V.
Stoomweverij Nijverheid Enschede Holland.


This dress is closed at the left and right side.


This dress has also the original size tag with the number 12 JM.


This dress measures are: 93.5cm long x 47.5cm bottom x 46cm breast

(37" inch long x 19" inch bottom x 18" inch breast).


Condition: Very Good+
(some light wear and very small stains; no tears; no holes, nothing is repaired)

'Dress', very rare with 'The Beatles-Dress' tag, made in Holland 1964.

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